Chicnchill Hanging Woven Wall Basket – Handmade Seagrass Basket – African Wall Art Style – Small Woven Basket Basket– Rustic Housewarming Gift Basket – Entryway Decor Tray -11.8in


Our decorative baskets for home decor, handcrafted in the heart of Vietnam by excellent artisans. Bring into your home not only a beautiful bohemian decor accessory, but a part of the legacy and traditions of the craftsmen. This natural red and white serving tray will look beautiful in your favorite room. Super versatile, it matches from boho wall art style to rustic ones, boho studios and modern lounges too. Brighten up your space and bring a slice of nature into your home!

Customizable and personalizable : Please give us your personalized idea, Our talented artisans can make the product based on it and make it a special gift for you.

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  • Superior Artisan Work: The lovely boho baskets is made with natural, eco-friendly materials, carefully chosen to pass the test of time. This fruit basket for kitchen is durable, reliable, and made by hand, so you can enjoy a product of superior quality.
  • Modern Boho Art Style: Our red n’ white wicker basket makes an excellent accessory for any office or home wall decor. Natural, minimalist, and elegant, this small wire basket will make a beautiful addition to any boho style design, bringing a touch of simplicity and refinement.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Made with natural materials, our small baskets for gifts is both a practical and chic accessory for your home. It is very easy to clean and maintain and can be reused for a wide range of purposes, without losing its shape or natural colors.
  • Practical and Versatile: These boho wall baskets are must-have for your home. You can use our basket tray to create captivating Southwestern decor for home structures or can be used as the decorative bowls for centerpieces , where you can store items left around the house. Also, is perfect for serving fruits, vegetables or to create amazing table arrangement.
  • A Way to Give Back: Our handmade farmhouse tray for home décor are proof of the sweat and dedication of talented Vietnamese artisans. We are proud to support their hard work by bringing their lovely African art to your doorstep, so you can enjoy their practicality and style.


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